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Littolo Perfect Posie Pillow For Newborn Photography Prop

Rs. 2,199.00 Rs. 1,800.00

Introducing a deep and soft, seamless circular prop for better snugly posing results. The Perfect Posie® offers structured support, fully mouldable with just right amount of depth and curve for all babies, all shapes and sizes!

The Perfect Posie® is deep and soft, meticulously measured and manufactured to create a soft seamless circular hug for better snugly posing results.

To produce a beautiful rich skin cast, The Perfect Posie® has been designed in brown.

We are very Proud to intoduce this Posie pillow prop.This premium newborn poser allows you to pose your little client easily,safely and beautifully.In other words, an outstanding fabulous baby prop pillow that helps to create beautiful newborn pictures. It also allows you to take numerous newborn pictures without transitioning the baby and saves your storage place.This newborn poser – photography prop is created to be simple to use for every photographer, even a beginner, and it’s absolutely safe for a new born baby.

Colour : Brown

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