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Littolo Cute Handmade Round bowl For Newborn Posing Photography Props Perfect for Newborn

Rs. 3,000.00 Rs. 2,200.00

  • This cute Round Bowl is just too gorgeous! All the detailing is just beautiful.

We have applied a non shiny weather coat to protect it and all the rest is organic.
This Round Bowl has been given a rustic look to make it more beautiful. It is natural.

Size: Best fit for Newborns sessions 

The lovely Round bowl is handmade with excellence in quality.

Special Thanks to @amitbarotphotography for such a lovely capture

Image 1 Credit : Oh My Baby Photography

Image 2 Credit : Yukti Cheda Photography

Image 3,4,5,6 Credit : Privision

Image 7,8,9 Credit : Swati Photography

Image 10 Credit : Jini Photography

Image 11 Credit : Setu Patel Photography

Image 12,13 Credit : Creator Photography







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