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Littolo Newborn Photography Backdrop Stand - Aluminum Tubes, Stainless Steel Connectors set of 5

Rs. 10,000.00 Rs. 8,500.00

Professional backdrop stand for newborn photography constructed with stainless steel connectors. Assembles in minutes without any tool. Ideal for photographers who shoot in-house and those who travel or shoot on-location. Check out the video above to see how easy and fast the assembly is.

 ✓ stainless steel connectors                                                                               ✓ Multi posing beanbag
 ✓ Assembles in minutes without any tool
 ✓ Professional look with polished metal finish
 ✓ Allows you to clip fabric to the top/sides to get the perfect stretching

This structure is ideal to be used with any type of bean bag and backdrop combination. The circular structure allows you to clip the fabric to the top and sides to get the perfect stretching. You can also hold all types of backgrounds just like a regular stand.

INCLUDES:                                                                                                      Beanbag stand with connectors                                                                Beanbag Backdrop Clips set of 6                                                              Beanbag Layer white 150*150CM                                                                          Beanbag with hole Multi posing                                                                Beanbag stand Cover 

Stand Diameter : 40 Inches
Rear Height: 20 Inches 
Front Height: 10 Inches

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