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Littolo Chunky Jute Layer For Background Posing

Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 520.00

Jute, Burlap, Natural Elements, fiber

size 55*95CM

Burlap Newborn Photography Prop:
LITTOLO HOUSE  understands that Newborn Photography Props need to feed texture to the camera to enhance baby Photography. That is why we chose our natural burlap photo prop. This natural burlap/ jute net adds depth to the images. The light weight burlap fiber sheets can be arranged under, or inside the nest rather like a burlap blanket. The neutral color blends well with most any other color palate. It is not recommended as a baby posing prop alone like a wrap, because the texture is too rough for delicate skin. The waffle design makes the material light weight for easy storage with the rest of your photography props when not in use.
Image 1 Credit : Swati Photography
Image 2,3,4,5,6,7 Credit : Jini Photography
Image 8 Credit : Neeka Photography
Image 9 Credit : Yukti Cheda Photography
Image 10 Credit : Nitzy Photography

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