What Is The Best Age For A Newborn Photo Shoot?

There are many views and different guidelines photographers having for this particular topic. Some of the experts accept up to a month old and some of them suggest up to 2-3 week time period after birth.

So accordingly I don’t think there is perfect answer for this as its really depends on baby to baby. Its complete surprise when expert share that there are many of the babies who are a month old and they sleep whole of the session coming in and leaving the studio and there are babies who are just 7-10 days and they are super actively awake looking at the camera all time !

so finally….

Here we can take in general the best time for the newborn photography is up to 2-3 weeks after the birth.This age is great for capturing all those gorgeous curled-up sleeping shots, snuggles with parents, photos of baby feeding (if you want them) and close up shots of baby’s eyelashes, lips and feet. This is also a great time to capture some beautiful photos of baby with their siblings. 

Babies Younger Than Two Weeks Old 

Yes many of the experts prefer the 5-12 days time period and it called magic window for the best clicks as newborns are easiest to shoot. Studio newborn photography tends to be more about posed shots of baby. Think curled up in a basket/hammock/bucket or posed like a frog… These poses can only be achieved before baby’s tiny bones fuse together and they’re still really curled up and ‘malleable’! 

Older Babies

Babies older than two weeks are not quite so curled up and weeny any more! They also start to lose some of that gorgeous wrinkly skin and downy hair. Baby acne can appear from around two to three weeks old and cradle cap is common from a month or two old.

Every baby is different and it is more than possible for a GOOD newborn photographer to get amazing shots of your new baby at three or four weeks old.. Slightly older babies are likely to be more alert and aware of their surroundings. So photo sessions with older babies can result in more ‘eyes open’ shots than sleepy ones

A quick note..

Indian parents allow their babies to come out or in front of camera after few days in that case Always Acknowledge parents if they are particular about some poses that need the baby to be shoot in early days.If no then assure the parents that they will walk away with gorgeous photos of their baby no matter what the age!

Guys !! If you are starting Newborn Photography this will help you a lot to choose and suggest the best time period for the shoot.

Next we are going to throw some lights on how to guide parents for the pre-shoots.Have a wonderful time, Stay tuned !!








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