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5 Essential Props for Newborn Photography

Essential Props for Newborn Photography

Newborn photography consists of various little things that if taken care of can give one the magical outcomes. Starting from the right selection of props to perfect set-ups and technicalities, everything has to be on-point in Newborn photography. While there are a numerous props available in the market for Newborn photography that you can choose from but out of all those there are five must-have props that you definitely need to consider.  

  1. Woven baskets
  • Photographing little kiddos in the cozy woven baskets is an appealing as well as a safe option. Mostly made of cane, baskets are fun to experiment with. Put the basket on the floor and put a fur blanket or any other soft cloth inside it to make it even more comfortable for the baby. Let the baby rest in it and get going with the pictures. This is a super easy prop to deal with yet it gives amazing results. 
  1. Heart Bowls
  • If you are looking for some really cozy prop options then wooden bowls are a must-have. Pretty heart-shaped bowls are the props that you can definitely consider while choosing props for Newborn photo shoots. You can place the flowers in or around the bowl and you can take top view shots, side view shots or even close-up shots. Their subtle characteristics, sturdiness and easy workability make them the ideal options for Newborn photography. 
  1. Round Bowls
  • Wooden round bowls have an aesthetic of their own. They are sturdy and very easy to use. Just like heart shaped bowls, you can simply put a soft wrap or blanket inside and cover it with flowers to get the lovely shots of the tiny ones. 
  1. Small beds
  • Small size beds with vintage detailing look super aesthetic and can add an element of royalty to your Newborn photo shoots. The baby can simply be places inside the bed and close-up shots from different angles can be taken. This prop is sturdy, unique and looks amazing too!
  1. Vintage barrels
  • Vintage barrels are as perfect for Newborn photography as they can get. Babies can be placed upright in the barrel or can be made to sit cozily. The barrel can be decorated with some flowers wrapped around it. Some effortless candid shots can be achieved using vintage barrels. 

Props are the fun elements that can really take the Newborn photo shoot game to the next level. Though choosing the right kind of props is a task, the above mentioned five props are the ones you can choose without much contemplation. Get going with these props to achieve the desired outcome from your Newborn photo shoots!